Commercial Security Solutions

Quality protection for your business is a vital part of its success. At Prince Albert Alarm Systems, we provide the best in quality protection.

The right security system shouldn’t slow you down. We offer flexibility and efficiency by pairing the right technology and hardware with your business needs. With access to hundreds of devices throughout all major security brands, and the ability to integrate into your existing security systems, we have the solution for safety.

We listen carefully to our clients, and provide options that work best for you. Are you focused on an affordable system for your small business? Maybe you need better alarm integration and accountability for your growing and established institution? Together, we will find the right level of security that perfectly fits your needs.

Interactive Services

Business Security

Every business is unique. We offer the best devices and advanced methods to enhance and simplify the security of your business with commercial interactive services. Big or small, established or start‐up, you need to protect your employees and assets. With options in both wired and wireless security alarm systems and control panels, and after a Free Commercial Consultation, our systems will be perfectly tailored for your business.

Quality of protection is directly linked to control. On‐site or remote arming and disarming of specific business areas or entire systems allows that control. Put your mind at ease by quickly and easily monitoring the status of your security systems from a mobile or desktop device at any time.

With access to hundreds of devices from top security brands, we have pre‐made kits and Custom‐Built Solutions that will perfectly fit or integrate with your business. As always, we listen to your needs, this is your business after all. Together we can provide a Custom‐Built Solution for your business that suits your space, your staff, and follows your budget.

We’re experts at identifying potential security weak spots. Our on‐site walkthroughs, paired with the data we gather from you beforehand, help us understand your business and provide you with the best possible solutions. We explore asset locations, employee movements, lighting, indoor and outdoor physical spaces, and reference them all against your hours of operation and times of high volume movements. Best of all, we offer our Commercial Consultation at no cost!

Surveillance Systems


Our alarm and surveillance systems create a powerful presence for your business, providing some of the best protection for your assets and staff. These systems are crucial in both deterring crime and collecting evidence.

Businesses can experience spontaneous acts of thievery, vandalism, and security breaches. We carry a wide variety of surveillance devices that can safeguard your business and employees against loss or liability.

We provide everything from 360‐degree surveillance cameras to panic alarms. Proper security for your business is an investment in employee protection and asset‐loss reduction, and saves you from the headaches of crime‐relate follow‐up action.

We carry brands that will integrate with, and enhance, your existing surveillance and security systems. We have everything to keep you informed and your business safe.

Access Control

Control Box

Control access and programming for your business’ multiple locations remotely. Use a desktop or mobile device to secure an immediate threat or give an emergency cleaning crew access to the building without leaving your home.

One of the most important aspects of commercial access control is knowing the movements around and within your business. Integrating cameras in locations of access will monitor staff, client, or intruder movement and locations.

Did an ex‐employee leave without returning their keys? Never have to re‐key the whole system due to lost or unreturned keys. Programmable access card systems are the easiest way to cycle through staff changes and maintain a high level of security. Peace of mind can be instant through the use of mobile technology to remove access when you need.

There’s nothing generic about what we provide. Using top‐line brands, we are able to enhance your business’s protection through a combination of surveillance, alarms, and interactive services, while working with or updating your original security systems. We build systems that maximize efficiency, simplification, and security. We help you stay in control, no matter where you are.

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